As a recently graduated creative, I bring a fresh perspective to the realms of design, art, and business. As of May 2023, I hold a degree in Arts Entrepreneurship with a minor in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. During my education, I actively engaged in various professional experiences including graphic design, social media management, photography, gallery curation, blog editing, asset management, and client relationship building. These experiences have supported me in my organizational and interpersonal skills. I am actively seeking opportunities to further expand my expertise and refine my skills in these areas.

My proficiency in graphic design and photography empowers me to effectively collaborate with teams, articulate ideas with clarity, and form concepts that align with clients' objectives. By bringing forth innovative ideas, I craft cohesive projects and execute captivating campaigns that resonate with target audiences. Above all, I am unwavering in my commitment to delivering exceptional work, always with meticulous attention to detail.

Minneapolis, MN